Attention: 6/16/2021

Throughout the pandemic we have kept business running as usual, today we are sad to inform you that "running as usual" is no longer possible. Due to an extreme inability to source materials and the associated costs involved in procuring raw materials used in the manufacture of our products, we have suspended sales on all marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, eBay etc. All offerings at will remain available until remaining merchandise has been depleted. We have implemented this measure to ensure past customers the ability and priority to purchase replacement parts and related items. Prices will remain unchanged, until further notice. We are diligently working to overcome this obstacle and get back to normal.

Freedom Pet Supply

Heavy Duty Freedom Aerial Dog Run with Neon Green Nylon Lead Line Complete Kit HD


4 Easy Steps to freedom for your pet!

Step 1. Choose your overhead cable length.

Step 2. Choose your lead line type (Fixed or Adjustable) and length (FT).

Steps 3. Choose your overhead cable attachment hardware for first installation point.

Step 4. Choose your overhead cable attachment hardware for second attachment point.