Special Offers

Coupon Codes:

Provide instant savings. Use coupon codes during checkout to reduce the amount you pay for particular products or your entire order. Coupon codes can be found by visiting us on social media apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Manufacturer Rebates:

Post order refunds. These promotions are offered by the manufacturer and require you to provide proof of purchase and fill out a form online or mail a form in after a certain amount of days have passed since order delivery date. These rebates are used to promote new products and move exiting inventory by the manufacturer.

Flash Sales:

Instant savings on a subset or the entire store of products. These sales are random and implemented by management, they usually don’t last long and not many people are able to take advantage of them. When these sales are active there will be large banners across top of store pages promoting them.

Customer Loyalty Program:

These promotions are usually provided to past and returning customers in the form of coupon codes or freebies.