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Here are a few tips to help you decide when ordering a Freedom Aerial Dog Run to best fit your dog.

There are numerous configurations and options to consider when ordering a dog run for your pet. We have tried make a complex process as simple as possible by labeling all products with a strength rating. There are five strengths in the Freedom Aerial Dog Runs product line. 

  • Super Light Duty Recommended for toy size dogs 1-4 pounds. (SLD)
  • Light Duty Recommended for small size dogs 5-14 pounds. (LD)
  • Standard Duty Recommended for medium size dogs 15-29 pounds. (SD)
  • Heavy Duty Recommended for large size dogs 30-64 pounds. (HD)
  • Super Heavy Duty Recommended extra large size dogs 65-150 pounds. (SHD)

When ordering a complete Freedom Aerial Dog Run you will need to select only four parts or “components”. A brief explanation of each component is listed below.


  • Component # 1 Overhead Cable The overhead cable attaches between two objects such as trees using attachment hardware that we will discuss in Parts 3 and 4.  All overhead cables come with pulley, slack take up assembly and termination hardware.
  • Component # 2 Lead Line The lead line attaches to your dogs collar and to the pulley and rides along the overhead cable. There are two types of lead lines, Nylon and Steel cable with nylon coating. The main difference is that nylon can be chewed through while steel cable cannot. Nylon lead lines are lighter weight and generally last longer than steel cables, however steel cables are the way to go if your dog is a chewer.
  • Component # 3 Primary Attachment Mounting Hardware Attachment hardware is mounted to the objects that you will be attaching the overhead cable to on both ends. The most common objects that the overhead cable are connected between are trees, but some people may need to connect to a concrete or brick wall or into a beam on their house. We have hardware options to accommodate every application. You can read more about each piece of attachment hardware on the products’ details page.
  • Component # 4 Secondary Attachment Mounting Hardware Attachment hardware is mounted to the objects that you will be attaching the overhead cable to on both ends. 

All parts from the same strength product line are compatible.

For example if you purchase a Heavy Duty overhead cable, all of the Heavy Duty Installation hardware options are compatible. Additionally, all of the optional accessories and lead lines with the heavy duty designation are compatible with one another.