Freedom Aerial Double Dog Run™ Tangle-less 2 Dogs FADR-DD100


Freedom Aerial Double Dog Run™ Tangle-less 2 Dogs FADR-DD100

This aerial dog run can be installed between 2 permanent wooden sources. All hardware included.

Overall aerial cable length (distance between connection points) can be installed at any length less than the length ordered, you will need an extra three feet of cable for every 50 feet of overhead cable length ordered to account for sag and length necessary for connection.

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Both dogs should be of relatively similar weight.

Kit Strength Weight Recommendations:

Light Duty: Combined weight of dogs 25 pounds.

Standard Duty: Combined weight of dogs 50 pounds.

Heavy Duty: Combined weight of dogs 80 pounds.

Super Heavy Duty: Combined weight of dogs 130 pounds.

Dogs should display moderate temperaments prior to use. The owner will need to familiarize their pets with the use of the device. Never leave dogs unattended while using this device. Do not allow anyone to enter the area that the dog run encompasses. Moving wires and cables are potentially dangerous to any persons or property they come into contact with. Dogs are unpredictable and may run unexpectedly, possibly chasing a cat, entangling anything in the path of the dog and tethers. You will need to decide if this product will work with your dogs and setting.

If you decide that your dogs do not play well together on the tangle-less system there are two option.

First option: Simply disconnect one of the lead-lines at pulley. You can use the run with one lead disconnected for the use of a single dog, the other lead can be put away for a replacement.

Second option: You will need to add an extra pulley to be able to utilize this option. Separate two dogs on one overhead cable with the use of the included wire stops. Simply disconnect one lead, set the wire stops at distances on the overhead cable that will allow both dogs to use one respective half of the overhead cable without tangling together in the middle. The pulley has a removable axle for quick connection onto the overhead cable. Connect the second lead-line to the second pulley and both dogs will be able to use one overhead cable.


Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions14 × 11 × 3 in