Freedom Aerial Dog Run™ Super Heavy Duty FADR-225SHD


  • Super Heavy Duty Built for the Big Dogs
  • Best Quality Available
  • Easy to Set Up and Install
  • Comes with Detailed Installation Instructions Made in the USA

Freedom Aerial Dog Run™ Super Heavy Duty FADR-225SHD WITH ALL HARDWARE LARGE DOGS The strongest dog run available. Manufactured By Freedom Pet Supply This kit is for large dogs, 100-200 pounds. Custom built for the BIG DOGS with larger hardware for maximum comfort and security. Easy to use and a wonderful way of giving your dog freedom to roam without the fear of him running off. Install in ten minutes!! Kit comes with all the necessary hardware you need to install the aerial run, including a lead line. The aerial cable is made from galvanized steel with a protective coating. Super strong trolley with removable axles for easy installation. The connectors that clip to the pulley and your dog’s collar are made from heavy duty corrosion resistant alloys. This aerial dog run can be installed between 2 permanent wooden sources. This type of tie-out can be used with any dog 100-200 lbs. Will fit any length less than 225 ft. For example, if the distance between trees is 215 feet, the 225 foot kit will work.

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Weight 23 oz
Dimensions 18 x 14 x 6 in


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