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Overhead cable measurement recommendations Freedom Aerial Dog Run's:
When using both lag screws to install overhead cable.
Overhead cable measurement is the distance between the points of attachment. You will need to add three feet of cable for every one hundred foot of overhead cable length to allow for connection to be made. 
Example: Distance between trees is 92 feet. You will need 92 feet plus 3 feet for a total of 95 feet minimum, in this example the 100 foot kit would work.

If you want to wrap one end of the overhead cable around a tree rather than using the lag screw, you will need to include the circumference of the tree in addition to the extra cable needed per 100 feet. 
Example: You want to wrap around one tree and use a lag screw on the second tree. The distance between the two trees is 106 feet, you will need 106 feet (distance between attachment points)  plus 3 feet (3 feet per 100) plus the circumference of the tree in order to have enough length to comfortably make the connection.

If you don't want to screw into either of the trees, you will need to purchase Tree Ties. The tree ties wrap around each tree, then the overhead cable can be installed onto the tree tie on each tree.

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